Set up a collection in marketplaces

One of the questions we often get from NFT creators is, "So I deployed a smart contract on blockchain - how does my NFT collection show up on all the marketplaces?". There is often a misconception on how NFT collections get listed on marketplaces, so we decided to make a super quick guide.

Do you need to upload your NFTs to marketplaces to show them up?

The answer is no. You will never need to upload your NFTs to marketplaces if you already deployed your smart contract on blockchain. It's because what marketplaces do is to watch the blockchain, find newly created contract and save the contract information in their database. And once they are able to find the smart contract, they can easily get all the information for each NFT as all the smart contract follows the same standard (ERC-721 or ERC-1155) and all they need to do is call the function defined in the standard to get information about each NFT.

How do I create a collection in marketplaces?

As all the marketplaces already have the information of your contract, all you need to do is to login to marketplaces with the wallet you deployed the contract and find the collection. One thing you need to know is, the collection won't show up until you mint at least one NFT as marketplaces don't allow an empty collection. So you can either mint one or airdrop one to yourself and as soon as one NFT is created in the smart contract, you will be able to find your collection on marketplaces. The way to find it is to simply search your smart contract address in search box and your collection should show up.

How to airdrop an NFT

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