Plus Plan

This plan offers everything in the Basic plan, plus additional features for creators who want more control and advanced functionality. Once you get this plan, you can use this plan for all of your future projects.


$199 per user


  • Advanced resources to boost your NFT creations: Access to additional tools and features to enhance your NFT project. See below for more info.

    • Embeddable mint button: Integrate the mint button directly into your website. If you want to host mint on your landing page, you can design the button, insert a code snippet to your landing page and have your mint on your website. Please note that burn-to-mint, free claim, and credit card cannot be used with the mint button.

    • Remove HeyMint branding: Create a branded minting experience without our company logo.

    • Advanced smart contract features: Use features like burn-to-mint, free claims, soulbound tokens, credit card mint, affiliate mint and more.

    • Metadata download included: This plan includes art & metadata download which typically costs $100.

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