Generate art

As you already have layer images, you can start generating your PFP art!

Upload folder

Before you upload your layer folder, make sure to organize folders in a way art generator can understand. You can learn how to do so in the How to organize folder in "Create layer files" menu.

Once you are ready, you can upload your folder to our art generator.

Layer order

Once you upload all the folders, you will see all the layers combined together, therefore if any of the layers are wrong (such as not being transparent, not located as expected etc.) you can catch those errors by previewing an example of randomly generated art.

As art generator doesn't know how layers should be ordered, you can configure the order here by simply drag and drop layers on the left pane.

Once you are done with configuring layers, go ahead and hit "Generate collection" button

You can always go back to layer configuration at any point!


Once you hit generate, you can see the preview of all of your tokens, you can even click each one to see what traits each token has to check if each file name is named correctly. You can see all the combinations by simply clicking "Next" button.

From here, you can straightly go to "Upload metadata" section to finish up art generation, or you can make some customization for your generation.

Set rarity

As rarity is such an important concept for NFTs, I'd recommend reading some articles on rarity to learn how rarity score works.

What is rarity? (Short)

Understanding Rarity Calculation Methods (Long)

With Launchpad, you can set rarity for each trait however you like.

Let's say you'd like Beach background to be more rare than other background, you can simply lower the percentage of beach background and increase the percentage of others (it needs to sum up to be 100%)

Once you are done with configuring rarity, you can go ahead and hit "Save & regenerate collection", which will take you back to preview.

How to check if rarity changed

As you can see here, Beach background are only 55 out of 1000 tokens, which is about 5% of entire tokens. You can also filter to show only certain traits which allows you to check if certain trait looks good after combining with other layers.

Set custom rules

This is an advanced feature that not many people use - but if you want to do more custom rules, this feature is super powerful. We have a comprehensive blog post explaining what the feature is and how to use it, so highly recommend to check it out.

Add custom tokens

If you have some 1/1 tokens designed for your team or randomly insert them into the collection to surprise your community, this is the feature you can use.

You can set a custom token image, name, attributes and location to insert:

  • At the beginning of collection: If the tokens are for team, we recommend you to add in the beginning of the collection, so that you can gift them before you start presale/public sale to your team members (For example, if you add 1 token in the beginning of the collection, you can gift the first token (token #1) to whoever's address that needs to receive)

  • Randomly inserted: This allows you to insert tokens randomly, so you won't know where it was inserted until someone mints the token and see the token.

  • Specify edition: If you want to insert tokens but want to know where it's stored, you can specify the number (for instance, if you want to insert it to be token #500, input the number 500).

Not sure how to set rules for what you want to do? Let us help! Upload your assets to Google Drive, share the folder with, and send the link to the drive and a description of what you want to accomplish to our email ( or to our customer support and our team will help you set it up!

Upload metadata

Once you are happy with all the configurations, you can go ahead and hit "Upload tokens & metadata to IPFS" button, then we will take care of generating metadata and uploading to IPFS.

Once it's done, you can see this screen to confirm everything is set:

Finally, if you want to check your art or metadata again, you can download by clicking Want to download your art? or Want to download your metadata?

If for any reason, you want to re-upload, you can hit "Remove upload" to re-upload.

That's it for art generation! If you want to set pre-reveal image, you can set it up by clicking "Set up pre-reveal artwork".

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