Deployment (Testnet)

Now it's time to deploy!

Once you set everything, you are ready to deploy your contract!

Select network you want to deploy your contract

As we support Ethereum mainnet + 3 major EVM compatible chains (Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism) and all the chains understand the same smart contract, you can deploy smart contract whichever chain you'd like or how many you'd like without modifying any configurations.

Test on testnet first

Before deployment, we highly recommend to test on testnet and make sure everything works as it costs some money to deploy contract to mainnet.

Here is the mainnet/testnet pair we offer:





Base Sepolia


Polygon Amoy


Blast Sepolia

Arbitrum One

Arbitrum Sepolia


Optimism Sepolia

BNB Smart Chain

BNB Smar Chain Testnet


RARI Testnet

In this case, as majority of the projects use Ethereum, we will select the Sepolia testnet option from drop down:

As you select, Metamask will pop up a message to switch the network:

Confirm by clicking "Switch network" and you should be on the network you selected.

Make sure there is no errors

You might see some yellow warning message like this - as this is a warning, it won't block your deployment, but we recommend you to take a look and fix if you can.

If you are seeing red error message, that means you haven't provided the information that is necessary to deployment. If you see this message, go back to configuration and fill out the information that is missing.

Once you resolved all the warnings and errors, go ahead and click "Generate smart contract".

Check contract summary

Before you deploy, we highly recommend to check every single settings in the contract summary to make sure you are setting all the information correctly (especially before you deploy to mainnet!).

Click "View Contract Summary" and check if all the configurations look correct. If you want to change, you can click edit button in each section to go back and edit. (At this point, you can change any configurations without any blockchain transactions)

Get Testnet ETH

Sometimes the gas fee on Goerli network could get high due to the network conditions and you may not have enough Goerli ETH to deploy your test contract. If that happens, we recommend to manually set the gas price so that when the gas fee falls, the contract deployment transaction goes through automatically. Check out this guide on how to manually set the gas price on Metamask. Alternatively, you can use Testnet of other chains (Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism) as you can test the functionality exactly the same on all the other chains.

Check out the guide for how to get testnet ETH for each network.


Once you check all the configurations, go ahead and deploy your contract by clicking "Deploy contract". Launchpad will compile your contract, and Metamask prompts transaction details, confirm the transaction.

Confirm additional transaction for your advanced features

We introduced proxy deployment as of April 2023 and it significantly reduces the size of the contracts and the transaction fees for deployment. If certain advanced features are enabled multiple transactions will be required in order to fully configure your smart contract. The first transaction will deploy your contract with basic config settings, and the second transaction will initialize all advanced configuration options. Once the first transaction completes, we will prompt you to confirm the second transaction.

  • Click on Request transaction to deploy the additional features of your contract

  • after clicking on the Request transaction, Launchpad will deploy your additional feature contracts and Metamask prompts another transaction details, confirm the transaction.

  • If you see the following success messages, your contract is deployed!

Congratulations! You deployed your smart contract to blockchain!

Now, let's move on to Contract management section to manage your contract.

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