Create layer files

Most existing PFP NFTs are randomly generated by combining different layer files.

Let's take a look at our Curious Addys collection as an example:

There are 5000 different Addys in our Curious Addys collection, and they are created based on 9 different layers:

  • Background

  • Body

  • Neck item

  • Head item

  • Expression

  • Center left arm item

  • Center right arm item

  • Mid left art item

  • Mid right art item

Let's take a look at some examples of layers:



Combining all our layers randomly, we were able to make 5000 unique Addys programmatically. Typically, PFP collections have around 150-200 traits in total across all their layers.

So, what you will need to do is the following:

  1. Think about what layers you want (Background/body/face/arm etc.)

    1. You can take a look at different collections on OpenSea to get inspiration. An easy way to start is to think about what the final image should look like and to separate that final image into different parts.

  2. Design each layer

    1. Make sure you create all the layer traits with the same dimensions (2048x2048 etc.)

    2. Make sure the background of each layer is transparent (except the most bottom layer, which usually is a background layer) so that you can layer them on top of each other.

    3. Make sure to name each file to be the name of the trait that you want shown as a trait/property on OpenSea and other exchanges.

If you want to see examples of layers, take a look at our Curious Addys layers here.

How to organize your art assets folder

Once you've created all your layer files, it's time to do a little organization. Before you can upload layers, you’ll need to make sure they’re organized in a way that the generator can understand. You’ll want to have 1 main folder, then subfolders inside to represent each layer.

If we open up one of the folders, you can see 4 different designs inside:

Before you upload, please make sure that the name of the folder and the name of the each trait file are set correctly, as our generator will be using the name of the folder as the trait type and name of each individual file as the trait name. So all the layer folder/file names will show up in OpenSea like below:

Once you've created your layers and organized your files, you're all good to go!

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