Website builder incompatibility

Integrating mint buttons into websites can be challenging with certain website builders. These challenges arise due to the embedding methods used, resulting in compatibility issues with Metamask.

Reasons for Incompatibility:

  1. Isolated Embedding: Iframes isolate code snippets, preventing direct communication between mint buttons and Metamask.

  2. Varied Approaches: Different website builders handle code snippets differently, leading to compatibility challenges.

Look for website builders known to be compatible with mint button embeddings, such as Wix, Google Sites, or WordPress.

Integrating mint buttons in websites can be challenging with certain website builders. Isolated embedding and varied approaches to code snippets can hinder interaction with Metamask and for some, It can also affect the window size for the embedded button. To make sure that it is a Builder incompatibility issue you can look at the source of the site and look and see if the button is a descendent of an iframe. here's a video on how to check the source of your site.

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