Use HeyMint mint page

If you don't want to create your own mint website, this will be the easiest way to set up mint website. All you need to do is to provide your project information and we will create a mint page for you!
Select the following option to get started:
In the setup page, you can set up your mint page by providing following information:
  • Collection avatar: Your project's PFP (Recommended to use square image)
  • Background image: Your project's signature image (Recommended to use square image)
  • Collection page title: Your collection name
  • Custom url: The url you'd like to have for your mint website
  • Created by: The name of the creator
  • Description: The description of your collection
  • Website/Twitter/Discord url
While you input the information, you can see how it looks on the right panel.
Once you are done setting up your page, hit "Preview & publish", and you can see the preview of the page!
Why is my mint closed?
In most of the cases, the mint is closed because you haven't start any of your sale. You can start public sale/presale from contract management (See how to do so from Start/stop public sale/presale guide).
If you start the sale and still see the mint closed message, you might be setting start time for your contract and start time hasn't come yet. If you want to start, you can remove start time settings.