Use mint button embed

If you already have your website and want to keep your holders in your branded site, you can use mint button embed feature.

Select the following option to get started.

Design embed button

Launchpad lets you fully customize the mint button so that it will match with the branding of your website.

You can customize following properties for enabled/disabled states:

  • Background color

  • Text color

  • Font

  • Radius

  • Label for the button

Once you finish customizing, hit "Save design settings & get embed code" to save the settings.

Embed code

You will find the embed code that is unique to your project. Click "Copy to clipboard" to copy the code and paste in the website builder where you want to show the button.

Using Wix?

Wix requires you to have <body> tag around the snippet to make it work. Add <body> at the beginning and add </body> at the end of snippet.


Test mint button

At the end of the page, you can see "Test mint button", by clicking the button, it will take you to preview of the mint button.

From the preview mint button, you can test mint one of your NFTs and see the exact behavior your collector will see in the mint.

You can confirm your transaction and finish testing your mint!

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