We compiled all the frequently asked questions - please check when you have some troubles.


Does Launchpad support Solana?

Unfortunately, we don't. We support Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smartchain, Base, Arbitrum, Rari, Blast and Optimism.


How to reserve NFTs for team/marketing purposes?

You can use gift/airdrop functionality to send tokens to team members addresses. Gift/airdrop works for bulk send, so you could even make a list of addresses/quantity in the CSV, import the CSV and bulk send tokens.

If you want to send custom 1/1 tokens to your team, you can insert 1/1 tokens in art generation process at the beginning of the collection and airdrop them before you start the sale (for example, if you want to gift 10 1/1 tokens, inserting them at the beginning of the collection allows you to make token #1-#10 1/1 tokens. As tokens will sequentially get minted, you can airdrop these first so that token #1-#10 will be airdropped to the address you specify.

Is it possible to set up multiple mint phases?

Yes, you can do multiple mint phases such as different price, different allowlist etc.. For example, you want to do:

  • Sale 1: Price: 0.03 ETH, allowlist 1

  • Sale 2: Price 0.02 ETH, allowlist 2

You can start the sale with 0.03 ETH for allowlist 1, close the sale, change the price to be 0.02 ETH, remove the allowlist 1 and add allowlist 2 and restart the sale. You can change the sale status, price, allowlist after contract deployment from contract management page, so you won't need a contract re-deployment. You will need a blockchain transaction to change sale status and price, but you don't need it to change allowlist.

Can we add/edit metadata after deployment?

Yes, you can change metadata as many time as you want even after deployment. However, if you are using our art generator, re-generating art will invalidate the contract. So if you want to re-generate the art after deployment, we recommend you to create a new project to generate art, upload to IPFS and set the IPFS link to token base URI of your contract (you can do so from "Reveal" section.

Where can I see the wallet addresses who minted my NFTS?

Our platform doesn't offer a straightforward way to see the addresses that are minted. You could use our snapshot tool (Closed beta) from HeyMint tool and take a snapshot of your collection to get the list of addresses.

Where can I see the the number of minted NFTs and remaining supply?

You can see the the number of minted NFTs and remaining supply from contract management page in "Sale" tab.

Are mints will be according to the order of my uploads/file name?

Yes, for example, the metadata file named as 1 will be token #1.

Can more than 2 people work on the same project through HeyMint?

Yes, We need you to start creating the project first and reach out to us; send us the email of the person who you want to add and your project ID so we can add it on our side.

Is it possible to have an Open Edition mint? I'd love to release something that's an unlimited supply.

Yes, using erc1155 in our launchpad, you can create your own open edition NFTs! You can read more about this here.

Is there any way to provide exceptions for my art Layers? I have a few images that don't work well with art in another few specific other layers.

In "Art & Metadata" section > Step 5 "Rules", you can set which traits can appear with other traits and which can't. Read more about custom rules from here.

How do I make sure that the NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain instead of Ethereum?

When you deploy your contract, you should be able to change the network from the drop down menu and select Polygon network. It will then trigger your wallet to change networks from Ethereum to Polygon.

Smart contract

Contract deployment

I deployed my contract, but I can't find the deployed contract

When this happens, it's usually because you changed your configurations after deployment. Whenever you change your configurations, it will invalidate the contract and prompt you to deploy the contract again. If you end up in that situation in mainnet and don't want to redeploy the contract again, you can contact us at hey@heymint.xyz and provide us etherscan url for your deployment and project ID.

Do I need to verify my contract on Etherscan?

No, you don't need to verify your contract on Etherscan as Launchpad already has a functionality that allows you to verify your contract.

Do I need to redeploy smart contract to change allowlist after deployment?

Nope! You can add/remove members to your allowlist without redeploying your smart contract. You also won't need to make any transaction to change the allowlist and as soon as you add/remove members from allowlist, the change will be reflected immediately.

Will my testnet contract affect my mainnet contract when I mint or airdrop in testnet?

No, your testnet contract won't affect your mainnet contract when you mint or airdrop in testnet. Once you deploy a contract on mainnet, it's a completely new smart contract and any airdrops or mints done in testnet won't reflect in your mainnet contract.

Contract specs

Is the creator royalties enforced on OpenSea?

Yes, Creator royalties are enforced on OpenSea if your smart contract subscribes to the Operator Filter Registry contract that they provides. Our Smart Contracts are subscribed to this by default.

Can we freeze metadata?

Yes you can. We don't have that option on our Launchpad frontend, but you can do so by calling the freezeMetadata function on etherscan for your contract. In order to call the function, you will need to verify your contract, which you can do so from Launchpad.

Can I run public sale and presale at the same time?

Yes you can! If you run them at the same time, for the people who are allowlisted will see presale price and those who aren't will see the public price. Please note that if you run both sales at the same time, the smart contract will respect the max supply for both sales (therefore presale max supply is not respected) and people in the allowlist can mint up to max supply. If you would like to keep the supply only for presale supply for allowlisted people, we recommend you to run sales at different times.

Can I add more tokens to ERC-1155 contract after deployment?

Unfortunately, we don't support that functionality yet. Once you deploy your smart contract, you can't add or remove tokens from the contract.

Can I upload all metadata in a single JSON file?

Because each token needs its own metadata, you can't put all the metadata in a single JSON file and upload it. For example, if you have 10 tokens, you will need 10 different metadata files. This is because each token is one-of-a-kind and has its own distinctive attributes.

Can I upload MP4 files, and are there any size limits?

Yes, you can upload MP4 files; however, OpenSea imposes a 100 MB maximum file size restriction. Before uploading a video file to the Launchpad, you should ensure that it does not exceed this size restriction. If your MP4 file is too large, you may need to compress or optimize it so that it fits inside the allowed size range. We suggest using a video editing program or an internet compressing tool to do this.

Please note that when OpenSea displays assets that are categorized as animation (mp3/mp4), the animation asset will only appear on the collection details page and not on the collection summary page, which can only display photos. So, when users want to utilize animation files such as mp3 or mp4, they must upload both an image and an animation file.

How can I burn the remaining supply from my collection?

If the tokens haven't already been minted, you can reduce the max supply by calling the reduceMaxSupply function on your contract on Etherscan on the Contract #writeContract tab and passing in the number of total tokens minted and your supply will be locked at that number permanently.

If the tokens are already minted, unfortunately the only way you can burn them is by manually transferring them to the burn address, 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

We launched the project for free but why is it written an additional fee?

The additional fee that the collectors are seeing and charged with is the HeyMint fee for each token for Ethereum mints. We announced this new the pricing model on the product / Twitter and has been introduced since last Feb 21st - here.


My NFT doesn't show up on Testnet Opensea

First of all, many times it's an issue with OpenSea, try checking testnet Rarible to see if your token shows up.

If you are still seeing an issue, most of the cases it's caused by incorrect metadata settings. Please make sure your metadata settings are correct:

  1. Make sure your token base uri is pointing a folder that contain metadata files (JSON format), not the folder of your asset files

  2. Make sure your metadata files don't have .json file extensions as our contract doesn't support .json files. The filename should just be numbers (1,2,3 etc. - you can see the example from here)

  3. Make sure your metadata has image_url and image_url points to the right location that you store your image (example here). Please note that even if you set animation_url (mp3, mp4 files etc.), you will still need to set an image_url

If you are not sure, please check out How to create metadata blog post which explains what metadata is and how to set up correctly.

Is there a way to see my NFTs on Opensea as a collection?

Once the contract is deployed, as soon as you mint a single NFT, it'll show up on OpenSea.

Is ERC_1155 tradeable on blur?

Yes, It is.

What is an OpenSea slug?

Your OpenSea slug can be found by looking at the end of your collection's URL on OpenSea:

In this example, the slug is "catc".


Where are my NFTs stored?

If you use our art generator, all the assets and metadata are stored in our IPFS account. You can also choose to upload your assets under your IPFS account. Check out Upload art & metadata guide to learn how to do so.

Can I upload all metadata in a single JSON file?

No, each token has to have it's own metadata, so if you have 100 tokens, you will need 100 metadata files

Can I use .GIFS on your art generator?

If you want to use our art generator, unfortunately it currently does not support .gifs. But if you import the metadata, then it's possible to use .gifs for your collection

Why can't I upload metadata files with .json extension as token URI?

Our token URIs are designed to not expect a .json file extension at the end of the metadata file. To upload your files smoothly onto our platform, you just need to remove the .json from the metadata filename (For example: instead of 1.json please rename it to 1).

If you're experiencing difficulty and are willing to share your metadata files or an IPFS link to them, please feel free to send us a message at hey@heymint.xyz. We can assist in removing the .json extension in the filenames.

Mint website

Why is my mint closed?

In most of the cases, the mint is closed because you haven't start any of your sale. You can start public sale/presale from contract management (See how to do so from Start/stop public sale/presale guide).

If you start the sale and still see the mint closed message, you might be setting start time for your contract and start time hasn't come yet. If you want to start, you can remove start time settings to start the sale immediately.

I embedded my button to my website but the button isn't displayed

This happens when you are using Wix. If you are using Wix, wrap your embed code around with <body> tag to make it work. Check out the guide for the embed mint button to see the example.

Some people can't see the mint button

Mint buttons could have issues the browsers the users are using, recommend them to use different browser or clear the browser cache.

Why can't I log in to my HeyMint account?

If you're experiencing issues, it's possible that our platform is currently experiencing issues. However, rest assured that we're working diligently to restore normal operation as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can monitor the status of our platform by visiting https://uptime.heymint.xyz/. This page will provide you with real-time updates on the status of our platform and notify you of any issues that may be preventing you from logging in. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance if you are still having trouble logging in.

Error Messages

There was an error parsing the metadata CV: Essential information (title, image_filename) not found

This error message can appear if the asset's filename is not correctly formatted. Please ensure that you enter the filename of the asset without the file extension.

For example, if the name of the asset file for token 1 is 1.jpg, input "1" in the relevant field.

This should be the name of the image exactly as it appears in the IPFS folder of all the image assets you uploaded and linked to on Launchpad.

If I do not have a website for my project yet to embed your button, can people mint directly from your contract?

If you don't have your mint website, you can set up a mint page on HeyMint. You can read more about it here.

Users are seeing Max NFTs Minted even if the supply isn't maxed out yet.

Ask the users who are having issues to check if their wallets are on the right network.

What to do when the deployment wallet was hacked?

Read this page: Hacked Wallet.

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