Affiliate Minting

When enabled, collectors can generate unique affiliate links to promote your collection. This feature is available for both presale and public sale. When someone mints (buys) an NFT through their link, the collector earns a commission (reward) based on your set percentage. This incentivizes them to spread the word and attract new buyers.

Please note:

  1. You can't activate affiliate minting for collections that are already deployed.

  2. These settings can't be changed after deployment.

  3. Affiliate minting isn't available for free mint collections.

  4. Affiliate links are only compatible with Launchpad mint pages & cannot be used with self-hosted mint buttons.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to Smart Contract

  2. Click 'Affiliate'

  3. Turn on Affiliate Minting: Choose "Presale" or "Public Sale" (or both) based on where you want it active and then set the percentage. If enabling for presale, make sure to also enable "Presale" in your "Sale" settings.

  4. You're all set! Affiliate minting is ready to roll.


  • You can't turn on affiliate minting for collections already deployed.

  • When enabled, you can't change these settings later (after deployment), so choose wisely!

  • Affiliate minting isn't available for free mint collections.

  • Affiliate links only work on Launchpad mint pages, not self-hosted buttons.

Once deployed, head over to the "Minting" tab to customize your minting page. This is where collectors generate their affiliate links! Don't forget to double-check all your settings before deploying your collection!

That's it! Now your collectors can earn rewards by promoting your NFT collection.

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