After deployment

After you deploy your contract, you still can change some of the configurations, but not everything. Also, you will need to interact with blockchain and pay for transactions if you want to change any contract information.

These are information you can't change after deployment, so if you want to change these information, you will need to deploy the smart contract.

In other words, except these ones, you never need to redeploy smart contract to change configurations.

  • Collection name

  • Collection symbol

  • Max supply

  • Presale max supply

  • Enable/disable features (public sale/presale/advanced features)

  • (Advanced) Free claim contract address

  • (Advanced) Burn to mint contract address

After deployment, your contract management will look slightly different and you will see the following menu:

  • Overview: Overview of the contract

  • Sale: Public sale/presale information

  • Payout: Payout/royalties information

  • Advanced: Configure advanced features if you enabled any of the features

  • Deploy: Redeploy your contract from here if needed

  • Airdrop: Gift/airdrop your tokens

  • Withdraw: Withdraw your funds

  • Minting: Configure your mint button or mint page

  • Reveal: Reveal your art

We will walk you through a couple of things you can do after deployment.

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