Welcome to HeyMint Launchpad!

Welcome to the documentation for HeyMint Launchpad - the free tool to launch an NFT collection in minutes, no coding required!

We cover everything you need to launch your own NFT collection:

  • Art generation

  • Smart contract builder & management

  • Mint website

We want to keep our tool as accessible as possible to achieve our goal of "Making NFTs go mainstream", and so the majority of our features are completely free to use (with the exception of some advanced features).

Our smart contracts are written by the same devs who wrote the contracts for World of Women's $30 million Galaxy collection mint, Universal Music Group's first NFT collection KINGSHIP, Zeneca_33's ZenAcademy tokens and more, and have never been exploited in any way - so you can trust that you're in good hands.

Hope you'll enjoy the experience of building your NFT collection on our Launchpad!

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