(Advanced) Upload art & metadata

If you already have art and metadata but haven't uploaded to IPFS yet, all you need to do is:

  1. Create an account on NFT storage and upload art to IPFS

  2. Provide NFT.Storage API key

  3. Replace the location of assets in metadata files

  4. Provide us the IPFS link

To get started on uploading art & metadata, go to Upload layers section and select "I already generated my art myself or using a different service" option at the bottom.

Next, select "I have both art & metadata" option and select "I need help uploading my art and/or metadata" option.

Create an account on NFT storage and upload art to IPFS

Once you select your options above, you will see the guide explaining how to create an account on NFT.Storage and upload art to NFT.Storage (IPFS).

Follow the guidance and create an account and upload asset to IPFS.

Provide NFT.Storage API key and upload metadata

After you upload art, we ask you to provide NFT.Storage API key. We will need the key so that after we modify metadata for you, we can save the metadata files in your account so that you have a full control in your asset. Fill out the API key and hit "Save API key".

Now, we will need to get your metadata file folder because we will need to modify where the asset is stored.

When you generate art and metadata in another art generator, they will put placeholder url for storing the image as the generator doesn't know where you want to store the image. Therefore, we will need to read all the metadata files and replace the url with the location you just saved in NFT.Storage.

So go ahead and hit "Upload metadata" file folder and upload metadata files. If it succeeds, you should be able to see this message.

And you are all set!

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