(Advanced) Set token URI

Making your custom metadata causes most of the issues when using Launchpad due to incorrect metadata setup. If you are using this feature, we highly recommend to read How to create Metadata blog post to make sure your metadata is set up correctly.

Go to Upload layers section and select "I already generated my art myself or using a different service" option at the bottom.

Next, select "I have both art & metadata" option and select "I already uploaded both art & metadata" option.

Once you select the options above, you will see the input for Token Base URI. Set the IPFS link that you saved metadata folder and hit "Validate & Save".

As custom metadata tends to have issues, we try validating your metadata by simply checking if the IPFS link you provide contain correctly formatted metadata.

Error: Metadata files should not have extensions

If you see the following messages, your metadata files have .json file extensions which doesn't work with our Launchpad. Reformat your metadata files to be just a number with no file extension (for instance, 1,2,3 not 1.json, 2.json, 3.json - you can see the example from here).

Error: Metadata files not found

If you see this error message, there is a high chance your metadata files are saved incorrectly. Please make sure:

  • Your token base URI is pointing a folder that contain metadata files (JSON format), not the folder of your asset files

  • Your metadata has image_url and image_url points to the right location that you store your image (example here). Please note that even if you set animation_url (mp3, mp4 files etc.), you will still need to set an image_url

If you are sure metadata is set up correctly, you can move forward as your token base URI is saved even if it's not correctly validated.

Once you are able to save your token base URI, you are all set!

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