Deploy Proxy Contract

Deploy Proxy Contract method enables cost-effective and efficient smart contract deployment, allowing for more functionality and control while reducing gas costs.

TL;DR: Deploy Proxy Contract method is a new way to deploy smart contracts that eliminates redundant logic, decreases transaction fees by up to 85% (gas fees can range from $20 to $50 depending on the transaction), and enables the inclusion of advanced features on all contracts. Creators maintain complete control over their contracts and can avoid implementing redundant logic by delegating or referencing previously deployed contracts. This method reduces gas costs and utilizes a modified Diamond Proxy Pattern, offering a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective way of deploying contracts.

The Deploy Proxy Contract method for deploying smart contracts offers a superior alternative to the traditional method of copying the same logic for each creator's contract. With this approach, a single contract can be deployed and referenced, significantly reducing the size of the contract and decreasing the transaction fee for deployment by up to 85%.

This innovative approach enables creators to include all features on all contracts, which is typically impossible as a single contract is limited to 24kb in size. Creators can now enable advanced blue chip features such as staking, loaning, burn to mint, free claim, soulbinding, and more, at any time.

Creators maintain complete control of their smart contracts, with no possibility of interference from our side. By deploying their own child contracts, creators can avoid implementing redundant logic functions and instead delegate or reference previously deployed contracts. This not only saves time and effort, but also reduces gas costs and enables the inclusion of more functionality than was previously possible with traditional contract deployment methods.

The logic contracts that are delegated to by the child contract are immutable and fully open source, just like non-proxy contracts. All state-specific to the creator's contract is only triggerable by them, as they are the sole owner of the child contract that stores all the information about their specific NFT. Creators have complete control over starting/stopping sales, minting tokens, and withdrawing funds.

Overall, the Deploy Proxy Contract method is an innovative solution that dramatically reduces gas costs and enables more functionality in smart contracts. It utilizes a modified Diamond Proxy Pattern (, and offers creators a more efficient, secure and cost-effective way of deploying their contracts.

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