Warpcast Integration for Mints

Collectors can mint directly through your Warpcast post (the collection must be deployed on BASE and using the HeyMint minting page).

We’ve combined the best of both worlds - now you can share your mint on Warpcast and allow collectors to mint directly from your post!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Deploy your collection on Base: Use our Launchpad to create and launch your NFT collection on Base. (You can try this on Base Sepolia testnet too!)

  2. Build & customize your minting page: After deployment, follow these steps to build and customize your minting page:

    • Go to Minting > Minting Page in your dashboard.

    • Click on Customize Page to start building your minting page.

    For this feature to work, make sure to create a minting page under HeyMint’s domain - it’s free!

  3. Start the sale: make sure that minting is open for your collection. Navigate to the Sale tab in your dashboard. From there, click on the "Start the sale" button to open the mint.

  4. Share your mint page link on Warpcast: After creating your mint page and starting the sale, share your mint page link on Warpcast.

That's it! Share your Warpcast post to let collectors mint!

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