Map URI to first burn token ID

This is optional

Map URI functionality is designed just for the use case of contract migration. Migration works by setting the old contract as a burn contract, creating a new one, and letting existing holders burn the current collection and mint a new one. The benefit of doing so is by migrating the contract, you can add new features (the biggest one is on-chain royalty enforcement - as most of the old collections don't have on-chain royalty enforcement to their existing contract, which makes them lose royalties on trade) to your contract and you are basically moving your users to a new contract.

If enabled, newly minted tokens will display the exact same name, image, and other metadata as the token burned. Please note that the true token id of the newly minted token will not be the same as the old one, but the metadata will remain the same.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Enable Map URI to first burn token ID

  1. Click on Add token

  1. Paste Burn to mint contract address

  1. Double-check all details

  1. Click on Save

  1. Copy the token base URI of your old contract.

  2. Click on Art & Metadata and select the following options:

  1. Paste the token URI of your old contract address.

Be sure to enter the IPFS link that points to the folder that has metadata files, .json files, NOT image files. To learn more about how to create and set metadata correctly, check out the article explaining how to set your own metadata in Launchpad.

  1. Click on Validate & save

  1. Now you can proceed to deploy your new contract! After deployment, please check out how to Enable Burn to Mint.

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