(Presale only) Set up allowlist

If you enabled presale, you will need an allowlist, the list of wallet addresses who are allowed mint during presale. An allowlist is a powerful concept and beneficial for both creators and collectors:

For creators

  • Have an idea of how many people will mint by collecting a wallet address

  • Spread the word about the project by requiring people to follow twitter account, RT/like certain tweet, or join discord server

For collectors

  • Get a guaranteed mint

  • Avoid gas war

How to set up an allowlist

To set up an allowlist and collect wallet addresses, we built a free tool, HeyMint allowlist, used by more than 200K+ users where you can set up an allowlist easier than ever and add as many requirements as you'd like.

In HeyMint allowlist, you can add requirements to join an allowlist such as:

  • Require to follow one or more twitter account(s)

  • Require to RT/like a tweet

  • Require to join one or more discord server(s)

  • Require to have one or more discord role(s)

  • Require to own one or more NFTs

  • Require to own ERC-20 token

  • Require to provide an email

  • Require to provide a password

  • Require to answer question(s)

There is no hidden cost to use any of the features, so you can go ahead and start creating an allowlist immediately from here :)

Import allowlist

Once you create an allowlist and collect wallet addresses, you can export allowlist on HeyMint as a CSV and import to Launchpad from contract management page ("Sale" tab and "presale" section):

If you don't set any quantity, we will automatically set the quantity as 1.

Once you import the CSV, all the wallet addresses (paginated) will immediately show up:

With the allowlist feature, you can:

  • Search a certain address to check if the address exists in the allowlist

  • Manually add/delete a wallet or change the allocated quantity

Please note that you don't need any blockchain transaction or redeployment of contract to make a change in the allowlist even after deployment. You can make a change anytime and the change will be reflected instantly.

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