Free Claim

This page is a more detailed walkthrough for our free claim feature.

Before Deployment

  • To be able to use free claim, You should Enable the Free Claim feature before deployment. It is found under the Contract Management tab > Advanced.

  • Scroll down on the features and enable Free Claim Tab.

Enabling a free claim allows holders of another ERC-721 NFT collection to mint your NFTs for free.

  • Enter the necessary details: the Free claim NFT contract address that the user should have in their wallet and the corresponding Number of NFTs to mint per claim then hit Save.

Each NFT from the specified collection eligible for free claim can be used once to mint your NFTs, and you can choose the number of NFTs that will be minted in each claim.

After these steps, the Free Claim feature is already added to your contract. Go ahead and set up the other details of the collection and then deploy the contract to the blockchain.

After Deployment

Our Free Claim feature has a frontend, this part will show you how it shows on your mint page.

  • After setting up and publishing your mint page, go ahead and start the free claim, it is under the Advanced tab on your Contract Management page.

This will require a blockchain transaction and a gas fee is required.

  • When you start the sale of your collection, your mint page will be like this:

  • If the user clicks on the Select token for claim this tab will pop and if their wallet is qualified for the free claim they will be select which token to use and able to continue and mint.

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