Airdropping/gifting an NFT

We are charging 0.00007 ETH/~$0.1 per token for airdrop/gift tokens (so if you want to airdrop 10 tokens, it will cost ~$1).

How to manually airdrop or gift NFTs

  1. Click on Airdrop

  1. Paste the wallet address

  2. Enter the quantity of NFTs you want to send

  1. Click on Send

How to import gift addresses via CSV

  1. Click the + button and import your CSV file

Please make sure that your csv is in this format:

  1. Click on Send

How to check collection in OpenSea after airdrop/gifting

  1. Once you've successfully sent the tokens, click on "Overview"

  1. Copy the contract address

  1. Open OpenSea in a new tab or OpenSea Testnets (for testnets).

  2. Search your collection by pasting the contract address in OpenSea's search bar.

It may take a few minutes for OpenSea to load and display your collection. So if you don't see it right away, please don't worry and just hang tight. It should show up soon.

  1. Click on your collection's name to view your collection.

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