Tokens (Beta)

A flexible new tool for more fine-tuned control over how you create your NFT collection. Supports 1 of 1s, editions, and more. Each NFT is ownable by only one person.

This tool is a brand-new and intuitive way of creating NFT collections. It offers features that will help you conveniently create your NFT project.

Start by hitting the + Create button and providing the collection details. Then, click on Create Collection to proceed to the next step.

A. Upload assets

Click on Upload some assets! to import your art. This will also enable you to Bulk Import.

After the upload, all the assets will be on your screen.

There are buttons that can be used for deleting and adding assets. They are located at the upper right corner of the screen.

  • To add more assets, click on the +Add button.

  • To individually delete an asset, go to the token and click on the drop-down arrow; an option to delete that specific image will appear.

B. Edit assets

After all the assets are uploaded, proceed with editing the details of the tokens.

  1. Change the name, add a description,and add attributes of each token

Click on each token to start editing its details. This window will pop up.

  • Change name

By default, the Token IDs are just the edition numbers. Edition indicates the arrangement or sequence of the tokens during the minting process.

To change the token ID, just put your desired name in the textbox.

To add the edition number with the token ID, just add {edition}; it can be placed before, after, or in between the name.

  • Add description

To add a token description just type in the textbox under Description and hit SAVE.

  • Add attributes

To add token traits, just click on + Add below the attributes. Two textboxes will appear; the first is for your trait name, and the second is the corresponding value.

To add more traits or attributes, just keep on clicking on + Add.

After everything is set, don't forget to hit SAVE.

  1. Clone

Use Clone to make multiple copies of a token. To do this, go to the token and click on the drop-down arrow at the upper left part.

A text box will pop up; put the desired number of copies. (there is no limit).

Cloning also copies the name, description, and attributes of the token, so make sure to edit these things first before cloning.

  1. Bulk Edit

It is located at the upper left part of the screen.

Don't forget to hit the SAVE button after editing.

Filter + Bulk Edit can also be used to edit specific groups of tokens, especially if they already have attributes. Just type in the word that filters the tokens on the search box, then click on Bulk Edit.

  1. Shuffle

After editing the token information, the last step before uploading to IPFS is to arrange the sequence of the tokens; this will determine their edition.

If tokens were cloned, they can be shuffled by clicking on the Shuffle button. It is beside the Bulk Edit (it can be clicked multiple times).

Tokens can also be manually arranged by just clicking and dragging on the 6-dot button at the upper right part of the token.

C. Upload to IPFS

Finally, after customizing the collection hit the NEXT button on the upper left part of the screen.

Then click on Upload Metadata.

Wait for it to finish the upload.

Then proceed on setting the other details of the collection on Contract Management before finally deploying.

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