Upload & Pin to IPFS using ThirdWeb

If you already have art and metadata but haven't uploaded to IPFS yet, ThirdWeb lets you upload up to 50 GB of files & pin to IPFS for free.

Logging into ThirdWeb

  1. Click the 'Connect wallet' button at the top right to log in. You can log in using your wallet or an email address.

Uploading art or metadata files & getting CID

Note: Art & metadata files should be uploaded separately using these steps.

  1. Once it finishes, a new CID will be displayed in the next section. Copy the CID for pasting into Launchpad:

  1. Go back to Launchpad Art & Metadata to paste art CID:

Paste art/images CID:

5. Prepare your Metadata CSV and Upload

  1. Download the Metadata files

  1. Upload Metadata to IPFS, then provide CID

Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 with your metadata files downloaded from the Launchpad. Paste the new CID and click "Save".

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