Edition (Single Owner)

Enables the creation of multiple instances of a single NFT, each with a customizable supply limit. Despite the multiple copies, each NFT remains uniquely ownable, ensuring that only one individual can possess a specific copy at any given time. In this workflow, creators are tasked with uploading their digital images and defining the percentage each image represents within the total NFT collection. For example, with a collection that encompasses 1,000 NFTs across two images, the creator has the discretion to allocate a distribution ratio, such as an equitable 50% for each image, or any other desired proportion like 30% for one image and 70% for the other. It is essential that the combined percentages for all images collectively equal 100%. Once this allocation is set, our platform leverages the IPFS to mint the exact quantity of NFTs in accordance with the established supply ratio, ensuring consistency with the creator's distribution plan.

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