How the HeyMint Fee works

We introduced a new pricing model on Feb 21st, 2023.


For creators, almost all the basic features that you will need to launch a simple NFT collection (art generation, smart contract generation & deployment, and mint website) are free. For example, using public sale, presale & allowlist, withdraw, and other commonly used features are free. Only one feature that costs is airdrop. We are charging 0.00008 ETH/~$0.2 per token for airdrop/gift tokens (so if you want to airdrop 10 tokens, it will cost ~$2).


We are charging a fraction for fee for each token on mint:

  • Ethereum mainnet: 0.0008 ETH/~$2 per token

  • Polygon mainnet: 0.15 MATIC/~$0.13 per token

Here's the fee breakdown across all chains we support:

Please be aware that our platform fee is denominated in cryptocurrency, and its equivalent in USD or fiat may vary due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices.

If the project owner is a Launchpad Lifetime Access Pass owner, Curious Addys holder (either holding a Curious Addys NFT & a Curious Addys SBT token or just holding a Curious Addys NFT longer than 6 months) or Zen Academy SBT holder, the fee will be waived.

How our funds will be used

The funds we receive will be used to continue building and supporting tools to support the NFT ecosystem for both creators and collectors. We currently have two products, HeyMint Allowlist Manager (free for both creators and collectors) and HeyMint Launchpad, and will continue adding more features and tools that solve strong pain points for people launching, managing, and joining NFT collections.

If you have any feature requests, please submit a request here - we prioritize building features based on user demand!

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