Set up credit card payment (Beta)

Please note that in order to use the credit card payment feature, you will need to enable the feature before deploying your contract. You can enable the feature from Advanced tab on both ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

As this feature is currently in beta, you might experience some issues. Therefore, if you are going to use this feature, please make sure to thoroughly test on your end on a testnet like Goerli before launching your collection on mainnet!

There are a couple of limitations in using this feature:

  • Only available for public minting, not presale mints as allowlist verification is not supported by Crossmint, our credit card payment service provider.

  • Only available for mint pages built on Launchpad. You can't use this feature with our embedded mint button.

  • Only available on Ethereum and Polygon

  • You will need to create an account and collection on Crossmint and go through the KYC process to verify your identity and collection on Crossmint, which could take up to 2 business days.

Create an account for Crossmint

Go to Crossmint and create an account. You can create an account for both staging and production. The way Crossmint works is that you can test your collection on testnet in a free staging environment. Therefore, entering a smart contract address on testnet to a production Crossmint account won't work and entering a smart contract address on mainnet to a staging Crossmint account won't work either.

Therefore, when you test the your contract functionality on testnet, you will need to set up a collection on staging, so we highly recommend creating an account on staging first and testing the functionality with a testnet (Goerli for Ethereum or Mumbai for Polygon).

Once you create an account on staging, you will see the staging developer console (

Set up a collection on crossmint

Go to Payment tab and click "Register collection".

Fill out the information for your collection. As you can't change the blockchain information later, make sure to choose the right blockchain.

After you set up the basic information, you can also set up your social information (Twitter, Discord).

Click "Contract registration" on the left menu and you will see the "Smart Contract Details" page.

First, choose your contract type (ERC-721/ERC-1155).

Second, enter your contract address (you can get the contract address from the "Overview" tab on contract management page on Launchpad)

Once you fill in your contract address, copy and paste the following ABI into the Contract ABI field (or if the ABI was prepopulated, select the crossmint(uint256,address) function from the Select mint function dropdown:


You can go ahead and click "Save contract" button at the bottom.

Once you finish, click the client ID at the top of left menu to copy your client ID and save somewhere as we are going to use that in the next step.

Set up mint page

Now, set up your mint page inside Launchpad (check out this guide to learn how). At the end of the configuration, you will see the "Credit card payment setup" section. Enter the client ID you copied from the previous step and save.

Now, go to the mint preview page and you should be able to see the "Buy with credit card" button.

If you click the "Buy with credit card" button, you can see your branding, the token price, gas fee, and the total price to pay. Click "Continue" to see the credit card payment form.

For testing on staging, you can use this credit card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242, with any expiration date in the future, any CVC, and any name.

Once you can see this, your set up on the Launchpad side is complete :)

Setup on Mainnet

As the setup process on mainnet is exactly the same, you can create an account on production and go through the same steps as above.

Verify your identity on Crossmint

One of the key differences for setting up a mainnet collection on production account is that you will need to go through a KYC (identity verification) process. Until you finish the identification verification process, you won't be able to use Crossmint functionality on mainnet.

To get verified, click the "Start verification" button in the left menu (you will see this after you register you collection on Crossmint) and you can follow the prompts to verify your identity.

Verify your collection

You will also need to verify your collection. You can do so from the Collection section on the Verification status panel in the left menu.

Both processes can take up to 48 hours, and so we recommend setting it up as soon as you can after deploying to mainnet to ensure your launch isn't delayed.

You're all set! As Crossmint is just providing the payment method and calling your smart contract to send funds on behalf of end users, all the mint revenue from Crossmint mints will go straight to your smart contract in the form of ETH :)

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