Welcome! Below, you'll find details about our pricing plans for creating an NFT collection on Launchpad. We've designed each plan to meet different levels of creator needs, whether you're just starting out or you're a well-established business.

This change only applies to users who create accounts after May 2nd, 2024.


Free Plan - Basic

Toolkit for your self-made NFT collection: This plan is ideal for creators who want to explore NFT creation with their own artwork.

Self-serve setup: You have control over setting up your NFT project.

Standard support: Basic support channels are available for assistance.

Customizable hosted mint page: A basic mint page is provided that you can customize with your project details.

Optional metadata download: For an additional $100, you can download your NFT metadata.

Plus Plan - $199 per user

This plan offers everything in the Basic plan, plus additional features for creators who want more control and advanced functionality.

Advanced resources to boost your NFT creations: Access to additional tools and features to enhance your NFT project. See below for more info.

Embeddable mint button: Integrate the mint button directly into your website.

Remove HeyMint branding: Create a branded minting experience without our company logo.

Advanced smart contract features: Use features like burn-to-mint, free claims, and soulbound tokens.

Invite to exclusive founder community: Join a network of like-minded creators.

Metadata download included: Download your NFT metadata for free.

Premium Plan - $499 per project

This plan is ideal for creators who want a hands-off approach to launching their NFT collection. You create the art. We do the rest. Focus on your creative vision, and our team will handle the technical aspects.

Everything from the Basic plan included: Benefit from all the features of the Basic plan.

End-to-end setup by our experts: Our team will handle the take technical process, from setup to launch.

Priority support: Receive priority access to our support team for any questions or issues.

Hosted mint page on our trusted platform or guided integration with your website: Choose between a secure mint page hosted by us or easy integration with your existing website.

Metadata download included: Download your NFT metadata for free.

Ready-made solution in just 2-4 business days.

Enterprise Plan - $2,000+ per project

This plan caters to established businesses and complex NFT projects.

Customized solution for advanced projects: Tailored approach to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Everything from the Premium plan included: Benefit from all the features of the Premium plan plus more.

Dedicated customer success manager support: A dedicated point of contact for priority assistance and guidance throughout your creation journey.

Personal dedicated smart contract: No proxy contract. Smart contract designed specifically for your project's needs.

Tailor-made minting integration & white-label page available: Create a fully branded minting experience for your collectors, easily integrated with your website.

Priority delivery: Fast-track your project launch with expedited service.

Have questions? We're here to help. Contact us today to discuss your NFT project:

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